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A Full Range of Inventory Management Services

At Novare, managing biorepositories is what we do. We install, validate and maintain new equipment systems, manage the accessioning and distribution of specimens, develop inventory control solutions, and much more. All of this work is performed within a robust Quality framework.

Novare Biologistics - Assessment

Assessing Needs and Recommending Solutions

Whether customers keep track of material in a handwritten log or a state-of-the-art computer program, we can integrate customer records into our inventory control system.

Even if a customer does not have an inventory system, we can help them assess their needs and can recommend the right solution.

All material sent to us is logged into our inventory system to ensure tracking throughout our facility. Bar-code labeling to the vial level is available for all material.

Novare Biologistics - Inventory Control

Detailed Monthly & Real-Time Reports

We provide each customer with detailed monthly reports showing all account activity as well as temperature monitoring records. For customers needing frequent access to inventory data, we can provide a solution that will allow immediate access to our database so inventory status can be checked anytime from any computer terminal.

Inventory Control

Our software tracks vials, boxes, or racks and generates content-rich reports. We can apply bar code labels to frozen vials.

Novare Biologistics - Monitoring System

Material Monitoring

The temperature in every unit is independently monitored by a 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant environmental monitoring system. The monitoring system automatically sends telephone, pager and email alerts in the event of a temperature problem.

Temperature data is encrypted, recorded, maintained, and provided to the customer on a monthly basis.

We have 24/7 3LS alarm response.

Novare Biologistics - material transfer

Emergency Response

We provide “at-temperature” stand-by units for emergency material transfer in the event of a freezer malfunction.

We stand ready 24/7 to respond to freezer failures. We will recover material and place it in temporary equipment or transport it to our secure facility.

Novare Biologistics - freezer replacement

Equipment Supply

Eliminate or reduce capital expenditures on freezing equipment. We will supply new freezers to a customer laboratory.

When the freezer is full, we will move it to Novare Biologistics’ repository and replace it with a new unit that is ready for storage.

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